April 30, 2013

“They came to sit & dangle their feet off the edge of the world & after awhile they forgot everything but the good & true things they would do someday. ”
Brian Andreas

I have so many images from the past year I’d love to share.  I am so slow at blogging and need to pick that up.  I’ve been really busy defining my direction for 2013 and can not wait to share some of the fun ideas and concepts I have going on for this year!

In the meantime, here are some images from a little session I did with one of my girls.  She feels everything intensely and just bubbles with emotion – from super excited joyous to feeling the pain of her friend like it is her own.  I love photographing her and most of the time she love it too. These are some of my favorites from last fall.


this is under the beautiful walkway at Fabyan in Batavia IL




until next time!  xoxo Aimee

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